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Following global market conditions and the need for businesses to reduce and manage costs, the demand for expert procurement service provider has significantly increased. Many top firms in the world have already signup with procurement services providers while many are still looking for a way to tap into this service.

There is a long list of procurement methods that can be used by an expert procurement service provider; these methods are greatly influenced by the complexity of your need, availability of potential suppliers, the interest of the supplier, etc. all these factors boil down to a proper procurement process. A good procurement process, which is what Chon Dal offers, will provide you with lots of remarkable benefits.

An important aspect of our product line is the procurement and supply of equipment, machinery, instruments, tools, spares parts, materials, chemicals, other consumable to the aviation, maritime, energy, manufacturing, power, service and allied sectors of the US and world economy.

Chon Dal has been very successful in this direction, having continuously made its operations to be compatible with the extensive volume and unimaginable varieties of procurable supplies, regularly and sometimes, spontaneously ordered by our clients.

Over time our niche has been servicing clients internationally, we source our products and services from reputable service providers, manufacturers and representatives worldwide. This has sustained our growing tradition of servicing every purchase order with very high quality and standard products, to the utmost satisfaction of our highly valued clients.

The application of the information technology has enabled us to deliver services at the speed of light even at the remotest part of the world when the need arises, in addition to this exploit, together with our good relationships with local and overseas service providers, product manufacturers and their agents our product prices are very competitive placing us ahead of competition.

Being well positioned as an engineering, aviation, maritime, logistics, manpower support and procurement company, we have always provided our clients with a fully integrated, systematic and contemporary services at very competitive cost.


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