Chon Dal is strong, viable and has embarked on several successful real estate projects in Africa. We stand as one of the most active players in the property market in Lagos, Abuja and other cities. Our presence spans through development and sale of world class residential and commercial complexes. During the period of divestment of Federal Government interests in landed properties in Lagos, Nigeria, through our affiliates and sister companies, we acquired various properties in Ikoyi.


One of such acquisition includes a property measuring about 24,000m2 at a prime location in Ikoyi which is designed for Mixed Use Development (i.e. World Trade Center project) viz- Shopping Mall, Hotel, Conference Centre and Offices. The World Trade Centre will be the first of its kind in Ikoyi and its environs, providing world class platform for business transactions. It will not only be a hub of world class business activities, but will also add aesthetic and social values to Ikoyi. It will be undertaken in conjunction with World Trade Center Corporation.

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